Beagle Sustainable Solutions takes care of the environment
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Beagle specializes in creating a more sustainable environment

Whether it’s neighborhoods, businesses, cities, agricultural or nature reserve areas: with Beagle Sustainable Solutions, André Brasser creates unexpected connections, comes up with innovative solutions, inspires, trains and coordinates to help companies, governments, and people become more successful at taking care of their environment. Want to know what Beagle can do for your organization? CONTACT ME!

André Brasser oprichter en eigenaar - founder and owner


Beagle Solutions helps improve environments

André Brasser founded Beagle in 2011. “With my company, I assist businesses, governments and interest groups who want to improve their environment. To achieve this, they will need each other. I help them to find each other, recognize their common goal and discover together what works best.” For example, how to work together to create a sustainable way of producing cocoa in West Africa, how to collectively create and share knowledge or how to connect residents to entrepreneurs in order to install collectively shared solar roofs in Haarlem.

This way, you can get people headed for a sustainable environment within their city, country, or even on a global scale. It may not come as a surprise that Beagle is named after the ship that Charles Darwin used to sail across the waters in order to find answers to important questions on life and the environment of his time.

Informatie over Beagle Sustainable Solutions - Information about Beagle Sustainable Solutions


The circular economy requires innovative entrepreneurs

The circular economy requires innovative entrepreneurs who will use different disciplines at the same time. Testa, for example, is expanding the market for fish-free, algae-based Omega 3. SSENT Social Enterprise deals with social issues professionally and on a business level, leading to a demand for new forms of education that inspire socially responsible entrepreneurship (Van Hall Business natural resources).

Circulaire economie betekent samenwerken - Circular economy means working together

Entrepreneurs supported by Beagle:

Alternatieve grondstoffen - Sustainable alternatives

Sustainable alternatives

It takes 38 herrings to create one fish-based Omega 3 pill. However, with the extraction of Omega 3 from algae, fishing for Omega 3 can finally become obsolete. Together with Van Hall Larenstein students, Beagle investigates how start-up company Testa can expand the market for this fish-free product.

Client: Testa

Maatschappelijk ondernemen - Socially responsible entrepreneurship

Socially responsible entrepreneurship

The Stadsgarage, which is co-founded by Beagle, has established social enterprise Kennemer Energie. (see: WORKING TOGETHER.) Together with British and Belgian partners, the Stadsgarage has also developed a business accelerator program for similar enterprises. These parties collaborate within the Sparks Social Enterprise SSENT program , which is funded by the EU.

Client: EU Interreg

Groen ondernemen - The Green Company

The green company

The Van Hall Larenstein College strives to become the most environmentally aware college in the Netherlands. Beagle is developing and updating educational programs on ecology and sustainable entrepreneurship. Beagle is also one of the developers of the Green Entrepreneur Center, which encourages students to pursue sustainable entrepreneurship. Students that come up with the best business model are eligible for start-up funding.



Beagle helps people form coalitions and establish collaborations

Enhancing the sustainability of the environment requires the most difficult type of work; it requires people to work together. For instance, to combat land degradation in Africa’s most vulnerable rural areas, to drastically reduce energy consumption in homes or to solve social issues through setting up social enterprises. Beagle helps people form coalitions and establish collaborations.

Samenwerken voor verduurzaming van leefomgeving - Working together for sustainable habitat

Examples of Beagle’s collaboration projects:

Duurzaam landbeheer Afrika - Sustainable landmanagement Africa

Land Management in Africa

Better land management in Africa is made possible through forming smart collaborations between governments, businesses, individuals and international organizations. Beagle advises the Ministry of Economic Affairs on the role of the Dutch government in this shared endeavor. Beagle is co-organizer of the 2014 Nairobi Forum, and the African Landscape Dialogue (2017), and has helped create the accompanying Landscape Action Plan.

Client: Ministry of Economic Affairs

Duurzame samenwerking - Sustainable coöperation

Haarlem Housing Strategies

Building a new, energy-neutral house is already possible. But how to turn an existing house into an energy-neutral home? Beagle coordinates extraordinary collaborations between more than 30 architects, consultants, installers, and contractors. Supported by the VNG, they are developing innovative strategies for turning existing buildings into energy-neutral homes. Haarlem Housing Strategies is an initiative by Stichting Haarlemse Huizenaanpak (Haarlem Housing Strategies Foundation).

Client: Stichting Haarlemse Huizenaanpak.

Duurzame samenwerking in de stad - Sustainable coöperation in the city


De Stadsgarage (the City Garage) supports Haarlem residents in turning their ideas for the improvement of their city into reality. Co-founded by Beagle, De Stadsgarage was established at the Haarlem Seinwezen, a place that offers co-working and networking spaces for Haarlem residents. The purpose of De Stadsgarage is to form smart collaborations between all kinds of pro-active individuals.

See: Entrepreneurship.


Beagle helps organizations gather and analyze knowledge

The transition to a sustainable environment is made by trying out different approaches, learning from experiences and step by step perfecting the best approach. Beagle helps organizations gather and analyze knowledge, and share it in a smart way with the educational institutes that bring forth the experts of the future.

De transitie naar een duurzame leefomgeving - Transition in a sustainable habitat

Examples of Beagle’s learning activities:

Duurzame landschapsaanpak - Sustainable landscape approach

Platform NL Landscape Approach

Over fifteen international organizations based in the Netherlands are experimenting with a new and holistic approach when it comes to solving issues connected to water supply, climate or food security within vulnerable areas. With this project, The Landscape Approach, they are making excellent use of the century-old experience the Dutch have when it comes to spatial planning. Beagle has united these organizations, which now form the NL Landscape Approach platform. With this platform, they can share their knowledge and eventually become an international center of expertise with regards to landscape approaches.

Client: Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2016-2017)

Kennissessies rond landschapsbeheer - Knowledge sessions about landscape approaches

International Knowledge Sessions

In cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Beagle organized knowledge sessions on landscape approaches. And in cooperation with the Landscapes for People Food and Nature Initiative Platform, Beagle organized a high-level workshop on the role of businesses with regards to landscape approaches. These events took place at the Lima Global Landscape Forum of 2014 and the Cancun Biological Diversity Convention of 2016, among others. (See: Warehouse.)

Client: Ministry of Economic Affairs

Green Entrepreneur Studenten en Sudents - Beagle Sustainable Solutions

Green Entrepreneur Center

Beagle is co-developer of the Green Entrepreneur Center, where students from all disciplines at Van Hall Larenstein learn the basics of entrepreneurship.



Other activities of André Brasser
  • Stichting Stadsgarage: mede-oprichter en bestuurslid
  • Buurtcoöperatie Duurzaam Garenkokerskwartier: mede-oprichter en bestuurslid
  • Stichting Huizenaanpak: afgevaardigde in bestuur namens Haarlemse Huizenaanpak
  • Het Seinwezen: lid Raad van Advies
  • Landscapes for People Food and Nature: lid business working group
  • Van Hall Larenstein: Hoofddocent (1 dag in de week)
Duurzame stads- en landschapsprojecten - Sustainable projects for cities and landscapes

Eerder uitgevoerde opdrachten:


Natural Capital

Study on the impact and dependencies of business on Natural Capital for IUCN and the Dutch Association of Companies VNO/NCW.

Landscape Restoration

Strategic paper on developing Landscape Restoration approaches for Commonland organization.
See: Working Together.

Tropical Forest Restoration

Feasibility study to landscape restoration by combining cocoa and timber production in Ghana (2015).
See: Learning.

Sustainable Tourist Destinations

Feasibility study to the use of online rating systems to support sustainability in Tourism Destinations for Green Destinations Foundation (2015).

Sustainable Trade Initiative

Design of the programme Initiative Sustainable Landscapes ISLA (2013-2014) for IDH organisation.

From Sustainable Supply Chain to Sustainable Landscape

Inventory study to the development of supply chain approaches towards landscape approaches (2012-2013).

Reducing Risks

Global inventory to the applicability of landscape approaches for private sector (2012-2013).


Collective solar panel roofs

Establishing local cooperation to generate solar energy in communities (in Dutch).
See: Entrepreneurship.

Masterclasses duurzame stad

On sustainable housing in Haarlem (in Dutch) (2012-2014).

Seminars Sustainability

To innovate curricula at the University of Applied Science Van Hall Larenstein (2011-2014).


Creating cooperation to attract finance for forest management and restorations commissioned by Tropenbos organisation (2011-2012).


The innovative City

New approach for governments to design policy in co-creation (in Dutch).
SeeDe Energieke Stad.

Sustainable Housing

Setting up local cooperation with people in communities to jointly retrofit their houses, increase comfort and decrease energy use (in Dutch).

City Campagne Sustainable Haarlem

Interview series with local entrepeneurs and government (in Dutch) (2015).


Haarlem Houses Delight

Public campaign for sustainable housing (in Dutch) (2013/2014).


Editor of multiple articles (2011-2013).

Check your energy

Energy saving campaigns with school children (in Dutch) (2011-2012).

Wadden sea

Publication on management history of Wadden Sea area (2012).

Value chain analysis and management

Course for University of Applied Science Leiden (2012).

Factsheets Dutch Delta

Various publications (in Dutch) (2012).

Masterclass REDD

For companies commissioned by IUCN Netherlands (2011).

Verified Conservation Areas

Sustainability standard for landscapes (2011).

Cool farm tool

Combining sustainable tea with natural area conservation (2011).

Smart land use Argentina

Research to sustainable management of tea and forest landscapes.

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Beagle sustainable solutions is located at the Haarlem Seinwezen. Seinwezen possesses a rich history and is located at the Haarlem city center, right next to the train tracks. Kinderhuissingel 1H, 2013 AS Haarlem, The Netherlands

You are always welcome to visit! Email to: or call +31 6 21 548 664.